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  1. Marijuana is decriminalized in Delaware and this is a private location. Of course you can.
  2. The people's festival is Sat, June 30th.


  3. until
    We will be sprucing up our adopted block - the 800 block of Kirkwood Street on Wilmington's Eastside - during the City of Wilmington's Annual Community Clean Up Day. Afterward the City will be hosting a BBQ just a few blocks from where we will be. Come join us on the corner of Taylor & Kirkwood Street at 8:00am as we give back to the community. At noon, we will be attending the BBQ in Peter Spencer Plaza, which is across from the Louis L. Redding Building.
  4. Secretary Katie always does a great job. Where we would be without her?
  5. until 50th Street and Beaumont Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
  6. March for Bernie Sanders

    Hosted by East Coast Cannabis Coalition
  7. National Cannabis Festival

    In early 2015 a group of cannabis policy advocates, business owners and enthusiasts joined together around the idea to create The National Cannabis Festival (NCF), an event celebrating progress on marijuana legalization in DC and across the nation. We envisioned creating a festival recognizing the spirit of the cannabis movement and the non-profit groups that have fought for so long to end marijuana prohibition. More than just a festival, NCF is a chance to connect with members of the cannabis community and industry from across the country while enjoying a full day of music, games, delicious food and drink. Join the movement, follow our journey, get ready to have some fun as we make history at first-ever National Cannabis Festival! Get your tickets HERE.
  8. Enhancing Your Endocannabinoid System Justin Kander
  9. Street Team Event


    I have been ill, but if I am feeling better tomorrow, I'll be there.
  10. The War on Marijuana – In Black and White American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  11. The Science of Marijuana

    The Science of Marijuana Leslie L. Iversen
  12. The Emperor Wears No Clothes

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes Jack Herer
  13. The Consequences and Costs of Marijuana Prohibition Katherine Beckett – Steve Herbert
  14. State of the Evidence: Cannabis Use and Regulation The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) State of the Evidence: Cannabis Use and Regulation is comprised of two sections: Common Claims on Cannabis Use and Common Claims on Cannabis Regulation.
  15. POSTPONED - Fifth Fest

    POSTPONED-until further notice. -Mgmt. Block Party between 7th and 8th on N Harrison, Wilmington, DE 19805